Kevin Noel

Live Music

The story so far....

I was born in Birmingham, England, in 1953. I started learning classical piano at the age of 4, and switched to guitar when I was 12, inspired by The Beatles! For the next few years I played in school and college bands and eventually turned professional after leaving university in 1973. I joined rock group ‘Fumble’ as lead guitarist in 1975. We made a few records and did a lot of touring, played with some big names all over Europe, did some TV and radio shows but never quite made the big time. After leaving the band in 1977 I spent a few years playing around the London rock scene and writing some music for TV and theatre.
I first came to Switzerland with English rock band ‘Rockola’ in 1982 to play in the night club Chlösterli (Gstaad). As demand for 4- and 5- piece live bands in clubs diminished I developed a solo act using self-made backing tracks so I could still play lead guitar and sing. Around this time I decided to adopt the artist name 'Kevin Noel'. Having fallen in love with the Gstaad area I kept coming back, and for several years I played at the Hotel Boo, Saanen; sadly no more existing as a regular music venue.

My musical partners…

Aschi ‘Ashman’ Beyeler: tenor & soprano saxophones, harmonicas.

Well known around the Bern live music scene, Aschi has played with many bands including Jimmy Hofer, Rodeo Ranchers, Blush and Ralph. Besides playing music his greatest passion is fishing!

Derek (Del) Mandel [GB 1950-2018]: guitars, banjo mandoline, banjo, bouzouki, vocals.

Sadly recently deceased, Del & I had played together since 1991. He was one of the finest musicians I have ever known and one of my closest friends, greatly missed. RIP.

The FunBand

During our early tours of Switzerland in the '90s, Del & I used to play regularly at the Braui, Worb which was run by drummer & restaurateur Cheesy Preisig. Cheesy introduced us to many great musicians from the Bern area and sometimes we used to jam together just for fun. We started to do a few gigs under the name ‘The FunBand’ and many well-known Swiss musicians have played in the band over the years. Aschi first played with us in 1997 & has been playing with me ever since.

Johnny Baker [GB]: vocals, keyboards.

In 1996 I met up with English vocalist & keyboarder Johnny Baker in Gstaad and we began to play together as duo ‘FlatBroke’ and with ‘The FunBand’. We formed a musical partnership which lasted some 5 years or so, writing & recording 2 CDs and forming the band ‘Jacks’ with Cheesy and Aschi. In 2002 we went our separate ways and Johnny now lives and works in Marbella.